Cooped up in a Boston studio apartment, what started as simple curiosity over a mysterious Facebook account soon turned into an obsessive search for the truth.

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Robert E. Hoxie

Robert is a writer and filmmaker who originates from Michigan. With absolutely no experience podcasting, Robert first set out to make a documentary. But with limited resources and a quickly evolving story, Find Bailee became a podcast. His co-producer and partner Giulia soon joined the fray and together they set out to find the truth while also seeking a better understanding of cyberspace and the psychology behind Catfishing.

Giulia Pink

Giulia is a graphic designer and artist based in Los Angeles. When Robert first started investigating the Bailee Jester account, she spent most of the time making affirmative noises like "Oh, hmm, wow, interesting." Giulia is also credited with the marketing, this website, and her talent for reading voice-over.

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Trevor Cochran 



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